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Learn about our sustainable covers and bags for your laptop, made by reusing life raft fabric to help reduce waste and CO2 emissions.

Discover our new SAVE OUR SEAS collection, whose drawing has been designed by the inclusive creative team of La Casa De Carlota . Visit our NEWS section for more information.

The fabric of life rafts is designed to save your life. We rescue this fabric so that it does not end up generating waste.

Each reused fabric comes from life rafts that have traveled on different ships, and have lived their own story.

We make covers and bags in different versions and sizes to adapt to your needs and lifestyle, so that you can create your own story.


UPCYCLING: A way to reduce the amount of waste we generate and promote a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

UPCYCLING is a creative process through which materials or products that have been discarded or considered garbage are taken and given a new life , turning them into something of greater value, without industrial transformation.

Original and genuine accessories.

At SOSBAG, we believe that wrinkles are not only beautiful, but are proof that our products are unique.

Let the Sea be part of your style.

  • Our work rescuing rafts

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"Sometimes we feel that what we do is just a drop in the sea; but the sea would be less if it were missing a drop." Teresa of Calcutta.

SOSBAG one of the 11 startups finalist in the BlueUp Economy 2022 program.

Discover our history in the press!

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Committed to the preservation of marine fauna and the oceans.

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Are you looking for something for someone special? A gift card from our store is the best gift with a Sea flavor, and it is also sustainable.

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